A downloadable game

Are you a Tanker?

Control your Tank to defeat the enemy! Play Online with your friends! Special Tanks with Super Skills!

***The Game is in Developing. This is the beta version 0.35***


How to play:

+ Left-Click: Shooting!

+ ASDW: Moving.

+ Q: Use Skill 1

+ E: Use Skill 2

+ Space: Use Skill 3

+ G: Show Score

+ C: Open/Close Chatting Window

+ Enter: Chat (Use while the chatting window is active.)

Now Support:

I've add some feature:

+ Room (Session), Create Room, Join Room

+ Shopping: Buy Tank, Skin, VIP.

+ Special Tank: Naruto (Naruto), Thanh Giong (Viet Nam's Hero), Hulk (Marvel), Zhao Yun (Three Kingdoms), Gundam (Gundam), Zoro (One Piece)


Have fun with this game and comment/upvote if you like it!